University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich docks

‘The university has decided to suspend the Brompton Bike Hire scheme in its current format from 31 July. An announcement about the future of the scheme at UoG will follow. In the meantime please direct any membership queries to


University of Greenwich staff and students 

There are 4 docks available. The docks are exclusive to staff and students of the university. 

Avery Hill Campus - 2422

The Avery Hill dock is located on the Southward Site, immediately to the right of the main entrance.

You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 2422.

Medway Campus - 2423

The Medway dock is located between the Anson and Grenville buildings off Central Avenue.

You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 2423.

Greenwich Campus - 2424

The Greenwich dock is located at the rear of the Stephen Lawrence building. 

You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 2424.

Daniel Defoe Halls - 3130

10 Lovibond Lane, London SE10 8IA (located near the corner of Waller Way and Greenwich High Road next to the Greenwich DLR station. 

You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 3130.

Hire Charges

Yearly membership fee - £10

First 48 hours: free

Day 3 to 7: £1 per day

Day 8 onwards: £2 per day

To register for this exclusive scheme you need a email address.

Membership Process

To become a member, a person registers their name, mobile phone number and email address, before recieving a unique PIN for their account. 

Each dock has a number displayed on it that uniquely identifies that dock. When a member wishes to take out a bike they send a text to 07800 008078 with the Dock ID_NOW_ Member PIN. e.g. if the dock number is 1234 and their unique PIN in 5678, they will type 1234 NOW 5678.

The system matches the mobile phone number and PIN to validate the membership and then sends the member a text containing an access code and the bay number that has been allocated to them. The member punches the access code into a keypad on the dock, presses ENTER and the allocated bay door opens up. The member removes the bike and shuts the door immediately. They have 15 minutes to check the bike over and see if it is faulty or not. If there is nothing wrong with the bike, the member will go on to their journey and their hiring period starts.

If the bike is FAULTY the member needs to send a text to 07800 008078 with the following information: Dock ID_FAULT_Member PIN (e.g. 1234 FAULT 5678). They receive an access code and the bay number to put the bike back in. The member then punches in the access code on the keypad and presses ENTER and bay gets unlocked.  The member puts the bike back in and shuts the door behind them.

Use of other Brompton Bike Hire docks

Please note that bikes must be returned to the University docks. Members of this scheme can use other Brompton Bike Hire with leisure hire fees or can upgrade their membership to frequent membership and will be charged related hire fees. For more information on our tariffs, please see here.