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We have two tariffs to choose from: frequent and leisure. Each has an annual membership fee and a daily hire charge.

We calculate a days hire as 24 hours from the moment you take the bike out. Take it out at 8am and return it by 8am the following day and you will only be charged for 1 day.



Saftey plus Hiring, Returning and Reporting faults

1. Cycling Safety - 

Safe cycling is important not just for yourself but others around you aswell. We advise you adhere to the cycling and road laws and wear suitable clothings and protection for the conditions you're cycling in. We take advice from experts such as Cycling UK and Sustrans. To read more on how you can be safe whilst cycling click the links below. 

Cycling UK and Sustrans

2. Can anyone use Brompton Bike Hire?

Yes but first you must register and become a member.

3. How can I hire a bike from Brompton Bike Hire?

Once you have registered as a member you can reserve a bike online or by text message. Instructions for hiring a bike can also be found on all of our docks.

4. What should I do if I find a fault on my bike?

Follow the instructions for returning a faulty bike which can be found here.

5. How can I return a bike to the dock?

Follow the instructions for making a reservation online or by text message.

6. Where can I find the dock number?

You can find the dock number just above the keypad on the dock or on the dock page for that dock. Dock pages can be found through our docks.

7. What happens if I fail to shut the door?

You must always shut the door immediately after taking out or returning a bike. Leaving the door open is a serious breach of Brompton terms & conditions.

If you do not shut the door when you return a bike you will stay on hire and be charged until the door is shut.

Moreover, leaving a door open poses a serious security threat. Brompton Bike Hire is aware that the door has been left open and by whom. If a bike is stolen or the dock damaged as result of not closing the door after use, a charge will be levied. Persistent failure to close the door will result in you being prevented from using the facility.

8. How long can I keep a bike?

You can keep your bike for as long as required, you only need to make a reservation to return the bike once you decide to give it back. If you have a bike out when your membership is due for renewal your membership will automatically be renewed.

9. Can I use any Brompton Bike Hire with my membership?

Yes, unless it is an exclusive dock. Exclusive docks are specified on their dock page.

10. Can I use Brompton Bike Hire to store my personal Brompton?

No. You must only use Brompton Bike Hire to hire bikes. If you put any other Brompton in the Dock we can't guarantee to get it back for you.

10. Why can I only make a reservation for today or tomorrow?

The reservation period length is a balance between the certainty of having a bike on a particular day and making sure there are enough bikes available for those that are yet to book a bike. If we were to introduce a longer period, we would have to introduce a penalty for no shows, to cover the losses owing to the fact that bikes were not available for members during that period. 

Tariffs, Payment & Billing


1. How much will I pay to hire a bike?

You will pay a yearly membership fee and hiring fees which will vary according to the tariff you choose and how long you keep the bike. You can find information on our pricing here.

2. Can I change my tariff after using the scheme for some time?

Yes. You can upgrade your membership to frequent at any time. Visit your account page and select the upgrade option.

3. Will I pay the total amount of hiring fees when I bring the bike back?

Not necessarily. We will take a payment from your designated card every time the amount due reaches or exceeds £15 OR you return your bike.

Reserving a Bike or Bay


1. Can I reserve a bike or an empty bay to return my bike?

Yes you can. You can do this online or by text message. However be aware that you cannot reserve an empty bay until you have taken a bike out.

2. What happens if I don't take the bike I have reserved?

You will NOT be charged however we ask that you cancel your reservation online so that the bike (or bay) is available for others.

3. How can I reserve a bike or an empty bay?

Follow the instructions on our reserve a bike or bay page.

Docks and Locations


1. How can I find my nearest dock?

Visit our docks page and look up the location nearest you.

2. If I have a problem at the dock or I notice something that should be reported what should I do?

Call us immediately on the emergency helpline: 0203 474 0700.



1. I don't know how to fold/unfold a Brompton. How can I learn?

You can find folding/unfolding instructions on the docks online. Alternatively, you can watch our online videos.

2. I tried everything but I can't fold/unfold the bike. What should I do?

Please call our emergency number, 0203 474 0700, and we will walk you through it.

3. Can I carry a Brompton on public transport?

Yes. Bromptons can be taken on trains, buses, trams and the underground, even at peak times.

4. Does Brompton Bike Hire provide locks for Bromptons?

No. We do not provide locks as Bromptons can be folded and carried (almost)

everywhere with you. DO NOT CHAIN OR LOCK YOUR BROMPTON BIKE HIRE BIKES ANYWHERE, there will be the risk of theft. Keep it with you at all times - it's safer that way. More information on this can be found in our terms.

5. How do the lights work?

Brompton bikes come with both front and rear dynamo lights. To turn both lights on there is a switch on the back of the front light. Lifting the switch to the top position marked 'I'. The lights will come on as you pedal, the rear light will stay on for a few minutes when you come to a stop.

6. Why does my rear light stay on when I have stopped or finished using the bike?

The rear light is designed to stay on when you come to a stop so that you will be seen at traffic lights, for example. It will go out after a few minutes when the battery has run flat. There is no need to switch the lights off when you have finished with the bike.

Questions about Insurance


1. Is the bike insured if I am involved in an accident?

No. The bike is your responsibility once it is on hire. You may be covered by other types of insurance but Brompton Bike Hire does not provide insurance for bikes or members. Please make your own arrangements if you need insurance.

2. What happens if a bike in my possession is damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen?

You might have to pay up to £650. Please read our terms and conditions to find out more.


Please let us know straight away by calling our emergency number: 0203 474 0700.

You must report the theft to the police and obtain a crime reference number, please then give that number to us.

All bikes are security registered and have secret markings. We will endeavour to recover the bike, but if we cannot, we will charge your credit card for the cost of a replacement bike at £350. Please read our terms and conditions to find out more. You may well be covered by your household or other insurance. Please make your own checks as to whether or not you have insurance cover.

  Annual fee Daily hire charge  
Frequent £20 £5 Sign up
Occassional £5 £10 Sign up