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Women's Festival of Cycling

Posted on Jul 02, 2019 in Blogs
Women's Festival of Cycling

The Women’s Festival of Cycling: Everything you need to know

With many obstacles coming in the way of women and cycling, now is the time to break down those barriers and start challenging the stereotype of who is a cyclist. There are numerous undoubtable benefits that come from riding a bike: physically, mentally and environmentally. These benefits should be accessible for people of all ages, genders and sexes — making closing this gender gap a crucial step that can only be achieved through the encouragement and celebration of all cyclists.



Yesterday marked the beginning of the Women’s Festival of Cycling, an annual festival held every year by Cycling UK with a host of events taking place all over the country throughout July.

From relaxing Sunday morning group cycles to evening energiser rides –– here’s how you can get involved in raising the profile for female cyclists and encourage more people to get on a bike.


Get involved!

What better way to celebrate female cyclists than to go out and join them on a bike ride? There are tons of events going on all over the country throughout July. From short distance to long, cafe rides to family cycles — there are so many opportunities for you to take part in and they are all listed on the Cycling UK website.


Create change!

Cycling has the second greatest gender gap among ways people in Britain commute. A survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics shows that women only make up 26% of people who cycle to work, with the greatest gender gap being those who use a motorcycle to get to the office.

But the inequality doesn’t start and stop there. The most recognised bike race in the world, the Tour de France, is still only open to male cyclist… in 2019, seriously? This disregard of females as competitors, commuters and cyclists is leading to women feeling exiled from the cycling industry. But that shouldn’t be the case and getting involved in events such as the ones held at the Women’s Festival of Cycling will help change those opinions.


Inspire others!

Something as simple as keeping on doing what you’re doing by getting on a bike will be enough to inspire others to try it out too. But there’s nothing wrong with encouraging your friends and family a little bit more to get them cycling. Inviting them along to one of the Women’s Festival of Cycling events is a great way of introducing someone to cycling in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Don’t forget to also hashtag #womenwhocycle in all of your pictures to get involved in the fun and raise the profile of female cyclists. 



Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts here on Brompton Bike Hire written by inspiring female cyclists to celebrate the month-long Women’s Festival of Cycling.