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Women who cycle - Interview with Hsia-Ying Hsiu

Posted on Jul 19, 2019 in Blogs
Women who cycle - Interview with Hsia-Ying Hsiu

To celebrate the Women’s Festival of Cycling we are featuring a series of interviews with inspiring female cyclists all throughout July.


Interview with Hsia-Ying Hsiu (@nanahappyforever)


Why do you cycle?

I like to have an interest that I can permanently keep up with other than my life and work.


What inspired you to start cycling?

I started training for indoor cycling. However, it was kind of boring for me and so I took up mountain biking as my new challenge.


Did you come across any barriers while learning to cycle?

Being afraid of an accident happening on the road was the first barrier in my way. I don’t pursue speed and I do a lot of preparation before riding to make sure it is safe –– safety is always my first priority.


What do you think the benefits of cycling are?

Cycling can satisfy my desire to pursue challenge and can also give me a healthy body and good posture.


Do you have any advice to inspire others to start cycling?

It’s the desire to overcome the difficulty, but not give into the fear, while you’re climbing a mountain. The satisfaction is unspeakable. Never underestimate yourself.