Blog: Limehouse Basin

Posted on Jun 08, 2016 in Blogs
Blog: Limehouse Basin

Welcome to the latest blog post, written by our members, who are sharing their journeys up and down (and sometimes out of!) the country on their hired Brompton bike. If you'd like to submit yours, please get in touch by emailing us

Jasmine Lake [@jazzo80m] is a London based training coach & personal trainer, and writes this post using a bike hired from the newly launched Leyton Station dock. 


Limehouse Basin

Finally, after months of cold, wet, English weather and a freak snowfall in May it looked like summer was finally ready to greet us.  Knowing all too well that a beautiful, warm, sunny day is a rarity in England, my husband and I decided on a day out to Greenwich to sit in a park and enjoy the sunshine with a picnic, along with thousands of other Londoners.  Living just along the canal in East London, a bike ride to Greenwich was a perfect summer day activity, but I don’t own a bicycle and being a pint sized adult cannot fit the cycle hires around the city.  We researched the possibility of buying a Brompton bike not too long ago due to its ability to adjust to any height, or lack of height in my case, and came across Brompton Bike Hire.  We finally decided to have a proper look into it and to our surprise, it was an easier process than expected to get all registered to hire a bike… and not to mention, extremely affordable.  So my journey on a bicycle began, for the first time in seven years.



We have been in London for almost five years and I have never explored the city by bicycle, only able to travel specific distances on foot or longer distances by tube.  We began our day along the canal at Mile End Park, selecting a route that would keep us off the roads.  The canal path took us down to the Limehouse Basin, which was such a treat.  By Tube, I had never realized this type of area existed in London. It felt as if our bike ride had magically taken us to some cozy little port town, with its luxury apartments overlooking the marina. 



Continuing south of the Limehouse Basin, we joined up with the River Thames and continued on to the Thames Path which we followed for most of the remainder of our journey.  Cycling along the Thames and hearing the waves crash against the river banks again made us feel as if we had travelled far outside the city and had left the hustle and bustle behind us.



The final stretch of our ride to Greenwich took us to Island Garden where we had a chance to experience the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, which for those who didn’t know, is a tunnel that crosses under the Thames from Island Garden to Greenwich.  We spent a few hours basking in the sun at Greenwich Park and walking around the Sunday market before hoping back on our bicycles. We headed back along the same path, going past our home through Victoria Park, all the way past Stratford for a yummy and well deserved dinner at Gym’s Kitchen in Leyton. We finished the day depositing the Brompton back into the safety of its little dock bay at Leyton Station. 



The comfort of cycling around on a Brompton and the ease at which we could hire one makes these cycle trips around London an activity we will definitely be looking forward to for the rest of this summer.  My only regret is I wish I had discovered the Brompton Bike Hire service much sooner.