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5 ways to contribute to Clean Air Day

Posted on Jun 19, 2019 in Events
5 ways to contribute to Clean Air Day


Living in cities jam-packed with diesel engines simply isn’t good for us. If we could encourage more people to walk or cycle, we would have fewer engines on our roads creating emissions, gridlocks and traffic accidents. 

And it’s not just pollution causing problems – stress, obesity, and poor mental health are just some of the issues arising from our urban lifestyles. 
Movement is at the heart of the solution. If we can find a better way to move around our cities, we can start to solve many of the problems associated with life in urban environments.


5 ways to support Clean Air Day

  • Switch up your commute - Changing the way you travel can have multiple benefits to you and the environment. Ditch the car and cycle to the nearest station, walk through the city rather than jumping on the tube or metro, taking in the sights rather than some sweaty arm pit is a perk to anyones day. In London commuters should prepare themselves to pay an average of more than £4,000 per year for their journey – which includes just over £3,000 on rail fare and nearly £1,000 on parking - That's 1400 flat whites, 65 months of gym memberships, 1100 Brompton Hire days.                                                                                  

  • Encourage a friend - Ok, so you're a sustainability champion already! What aboout your friends and peers? Encourage them to cycle with you to work for the week. Cycling with friends and family can make your commute more social and helps get over many first timers fears of the roads. Share the joy of Brompton Bikes  using code CleanAir19 where your friend will get 4 days of free hire


  • Discover the side streets - Using quieter streets when you're on a bike or foot can lower your exposure to air pollution by 20%

  • Switch the school run - We all understand the traffic problems caused by the school run, sadly this also causes pollution. Did you know exposure to toxic air is often far higher, 9-12 times higher, inside than outside!


  •  Choose Click & Collect- Many workplaces report that that half of all deliveries are personal parcels for staff! That's a whole lot of extra vans clogging up the roads.