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Our docks
Bike Dock

London: Stratford 3Mills (3153)
E15 2ZL

Aspire Point
210 Stratford High Street
E15 2ZL

The dock is located at the back of Aspire Point on the corner of Jupp Road West & Park Lane which runs alongside the Travel Lodge.

The dock at Stratford 3Mills was launched in partnership with Alumno.

Docks near London: Stratford 3Mills

Dock Dock No. Distance
1 1
London: Maryland Station
3170 1 mile(s)
2 1
London: The Crystal
3161 2 mile(s)
3 1
London: Leytonstone Station
3141 2 mile(s)
4 1
London: Greenwich 2
3167 3 mile(s)
Bike Dock

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