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Bike Dock

London: Leytonstone Station (3141)
E11 1HE

​The Leytonstone dock is located approximately 50m from Leytonstone Tube station. Exit the Tube station and head left on Church Lane. The dock is on the island spur between Church Lane and Kirkdale Road. You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 3141

Docks near London: Leytonstone Station

Dock Dock No. Distance
1 1
London: Stratford 3Mills
3153 2 mile(s)
2 1
London: Kings Cross
3135 6 mile(s)
3 1
London: Whittington Hospital
2733 6 mile(s)
4 1
London: Shepherds Bush
3155 11 mile(s)
Bike Dock

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