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Bike Dock

London: Croydon (3131)

College Road

The dock is located opposite East Croydon station, approximately a 30 second walk. Exit from the main station entrance and cross the road at the lights. The dock is a few metres down College Road, next to the Croydon Cycle Hub.

You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 3131.

The dock at Croydon was launched in August 2015 in partnership with London Borough of Croydon.

Ensuring your safety when cycling near trams and tram tracks.

Whether cycling around Croydon’s tram system is new to you or not, there are some things you’ll need to bear in mind.

You will find that some tram tracks run on streets and through parks that cyclists use.  It is important to take extra care in these areas to ensure your safety and avoid getting into difficulty.

Some other things to bear in mind

  • Take extra care around trams and tracks
  • Cross tracks close to a right angle (possible picture of a Brompton wheel showing correct angle and wrong angle)
  • Keep wheels out of the grooves
  • Take extra care on wet or frosty tracks
  • Take care if turning on the tracks, the back wheel can slide even in the dry
  • Look out for trams, they are electric so are often quieter than other road vehicles.
  • Remember that trams cannot swerve to avoid you and may not be able to stop as quickly as you would expect
  • Where provided use designated or marked cycle facilities for crossing tracks
  • Do not gamble – wait for the green light at traffic signals
  • Think ahead and signal early
  • Concentrate at all times
  • If following the tracks take extra care and look out for Tram Only signs (picture of blue sign), you are prohibited from cycling beyond these signs
  • If in doubt dismount and proceed on foot
  • Be careful when passing a tram, they are longer and wider than other vehicles and the ends swing out when going round corners. If in doubt, avoid passing a tram.
  • Take extra care at crossings on the network – always stop (unless traffic signal controlled and you have a green light) and look both ways before you cross (The chicanes in place at some crossings outside the town centre are designed to slow you down).


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Bike Dock

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