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Bike Dock

Greenwich Daniel Defoe (3130)
SE10 9FY

10 Lovibond Lane, London SE10 8IA (located near the corner of Waller Way and Greenwich High Road next to the Greenwich DLR station. 

You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 3130.

Please note that University of Greenwich bikes may only be returned to the Greenwich docks, and may NOT be returned to other docks in the BBH network.

Docks near Greenwich Daniel Defoe

Dock Dock No. Distance
1 1
London: Peckham Rye
2735 2 mile(s)
2 1
London: Leyton Station
3142 6 mile(s)
3 1
London: Kings Cross
3135 6 mile(s)
4 1
London: Leytonstone Station
3141 6 mile(s)
Bike Dock

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