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Bike Dock

Peckham Rye (2735)
SE15 5DQ

Peckham Rye station
London, SE15 5DQ.
The dock is located in the cycle hub at Peckham Rye station.

Cycle hub opening times:

Monday to Friday 05.00am - midnight
Saturday to Sunday  06.00am - midnight
You will need this dock number to reserve by text: 2735.
The dock at Peckham Rye station was launched in August 2013 in partnership with Southern Railways.

Docks near Peckham Rye

Dock Dock No. Distance
1 1
Kings Cross
3135 5 mile(s)
2 1
Leyton Station
3142 7 mile(s)
3 1
3131 7 mile(s)
4 1
Whittington Hospital
2733 7 mile(s)
Bike Dock

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